It’s all about GMC

So, after 40+ years as a Buick dealer, we have become very accustomed to talking about Buick but this summer, there seems to be so much going on with GMC!  Thought we would take a little time to share all the good news.

We won’t spoil the surprise with details, but the all-new 2013 Acadia should be on our lots by the end of the year.

The new 2013 Terrain Denali, set to debut in the next few months, is not only beautiful but it will come standard with rear cross traffic alert.   This type of safety technology uses radar to watch for moving vehicles or objects while you are backing up and warns you with an icon on the Color Touch Radio screen.

GMC is once again offering it’s “Gas Saver Bundle”.  A $29.95 (or less after $10 mail-in rebate debit card) package that includes an oil change, four-tire rotation, and 27 point vehicle inspection.  The inspection includes checking fluid levels, steering, suspension, wiper blades, exhausts, belts, brakes, hoses, and tires.  inspecting your vehicle will help make sure your car is running as efficient as possible.  Make an appointment today.

Finally, the GMC Summer Event always makes summertime a great time to but a new GMC.  Offers include 0% financing for up to 72 months OR $2,000 cash back on the Acadia, up to $5,000 cash back or 0% financing for up to 60 months on the GMC Sierra, incremental customer cash for customers who are new to GMC and offers for GMC loyalty! 


One thought on “It’s all about GMC

  1. Thanks for posting about the exciting GMC events to come! We’re looking forward to future posts and hope to see photos of the Acadia when it arrives.


    Katie, GM Customer Service
    (GM Social Media Team)

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