Congratulations Mike Hoke!

Congratulations to Sales Consultant, Mike Hoke, on his retirement after 38 and a half years in the business!  Mike’s career resulted in the sale of almost 5,000 vehicles!  Mike announced his retirement in April and spent his last day with us on May 15th.  Boyle Buick GMC Truck was very fortunate to have Mike for seven out of those 38+ years; he joined our team in July of 2005.  During his time at Boyle Buick GMC Truck, Mike was not only very successful in the sale of vehicles but he was a perfect fit for the Boyle team as he also enjoyed very high customer satisfaction ratings.  When asked about his time at Boyle Buick GMC Truck, Mike stated, “For the 38 and a half years I was in the business, I worked for four dealerships and Boyle Buick GMC Truck was, by far, the most pleasurable place I ever worked.”  Thanks, Mike, and enjoy your retirement; you certainly deserve it! 

Mike and his wife, Joyce, are looking forward to spending time enjoying their three daughters and their husbands and two grandchildren.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Mike Hoke!

  1. Mike,

    Congratulations and all the best to you and the family. It’s been a long and successful run. You sold me my first Buick 1995 Skylark Custom and I have been hooked on Buick ever since.
    Hope you’ll stay well and have fun in your retiring years.

    Take Care my friend,

    John D. Ayres
    New Norwood Holabird Community Association
    Dundalk Baltimore County Maryland

  2. Mike,

    I was one of your many customers when you worked at Brooks Brothers. I bought a 2000 Century from you which I still drive today (235,000 miles on it so far!). It is by far the best car I have owned and Buick is at the top of my list for buying my next car! I was so impressed by you that I have remembered my experience buying that car fondly. As a salesman you dealt with me in such a forthright manner and went out of your way to accommodate me in ways that no other sales person before or since has. I congratulate you on your retirement and trust you will enjoy your time with family and friends.

    Claire D Jones

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